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About us

Our knowledge in MaaS has been built from engaging with users and implementing MaaS and end-to-end journey planning services.

We use this hard-won experience to positively challenge MaaS design, marketing, implementation and business models.

We provide specialist advice and enjoy being part of and adding value to delivery teams.  We’ve been told we are open, friendly and action-oriented collaborators.  

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Meet the Team

An Ask Annie project workshop conducted by Steve and David

Steve Cassidy, PhD

Steve is a customer facing transport technology professional with significant, research, design and practical implementation experience in UK, North America and Europe.

Steve has worked in user facing transport technology, travel behaviour and transport policy for over 30 years, as an academic, with a technology multinational and in consultancy.  He has helped national and regional transport authorities understand how they can adapt their offer and governance to rapid market change by focussing on the traveller (and non-traveller!).


Initially working in user impacts research in UTMC and traveller information in the 1990s, he has designed and delivered strategic consultancy focussing on digital transformation and has co-designed and delivered a range of MaaS implementations. 


In 2017 he was asked to give evidence to the UK Govt Select Committee on MaaS and in 2019 was named as one of the Top MaaS Influencers. Steve’s user research and business case development was instrumental in designing Scotland’s National Entitlement Platform used by 2.4 million smart entitlement holders.


Steve is a non-executive Director of publicly owned Scottish bus company Lothian Buses and was a founding non-executive Director of Transport for Edinburgh. He understands the detail and realities of the UK transport marketplace and the opportunities and risks this poses to real-world user centred implementations.

David Smith, MBA

David is experienced in MaaS design and delivery with specific skills in co-creating, specifying, delivering, and realising the public sector benefits of MaaS.

David is a co-founding director of Fuse Mobility and through multiple MaaS and end-to-end journey planner deployments since 2017 he has experience of effectively engaging the many stakeholders involved in realising effective MaaS delivery.

He wrote his MBA thesis on "Scenario Planning for the UK Mobility as a Service Market" (2021) to explore plausible scenarios for how the UK MaaS market might evolve to the horizon year of 2026.

He is a great asset to a MaaS design and delivery team with a respected track record for effecting real results in MaaS and end-to-end journey planner deployments in the UK.

A picture of David and NaviGoGo pilot participants meeting with a local politicians and the transport minister
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