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Deliver on your policy objectives by bringing Mobility as a Service to cities, rural areas, and transport services.

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Once we know your objectives we can go straight to the potential users, working with you and them to maximise impact.

We design the MaaS touch-points either using our templates and tools from one of our UK MaaS implementations or to your bespoke spec.

Finally, we integrate  transport operator pricing and booking systems. Fuse will then host, support & maintain throughout the whole journey.

First, let's find out what you're trying to achieve, how we can build on the assets in your area and how Fuse can help you.

Who We Are


Scotland's first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) application - with personalised journey planner, fare calculator & payment system

A feature rich, adaptable MaaS Platform supporting flexible deployment for multiple demographics and target groups


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Journey Planner
Taxi, Bus & Train / Trams
Active Travel
Connection Info
Accessibility Info
Trip Recommendations
Booking & Ticketing

Travel Entitlements
User Profiles
Travel Eligibility
Favourite Journeys

Destination Info
Toilet & Facilities Map
Travel Card Help

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Back Office
User Management
Travel Integrations
GDPR Compliance
CMS, Hosting & Support

Taxifare Splitter
Car Replacement Calculator
UI Themes
Taxi Dispatch Manager
Policy Templates
Driving License Surrender Wizard

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MaaS application aiming to help people with dementia with the transition of retiring from driving.

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We've been at the centre of actually doing MaaS since 2011, working to ensure its full potential is achieved.

We work transparently and honestly, sharing our learning and real-world tested MaaS technology platform - with a community that want to collaborate and deliver to make MaaS happen. We believe in the power of integrated mobility to change lives and are proud of our demonstrable track record in designing and delivering MaaS.


Getting You Started

Right Track helps employees reduce their dependence on private car use, save money & improve health while helping employers manage the impact of the Workplace Parking Levy


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Ready-made Maas Platform

The Fuse Mobility MaaS platform is a suite of interoperable, scalable micro-services capable of being extended, adapted and deployed in any UI/UX format - helping you to fast track your Journey to MaaS

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